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Institutional Contact Portal

Online registration and Certification for an occasional event like Seminar, Webinar, Workshop etc.

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# Institutional Contact Portal:


This contact portal has been designed in such a way that all necessary information to know and contact members of various departments of various institutions may be stored in a single database. Information may be recorded by the members themselves or by the respective institutions/departments. Recorded information is always editable by members themselves by login. Concerned institutions/departments may edit members' information which are related to them. Unlimited number of Phone Number, Email ID and Address may be added to a member by themselves as well as by concerned institutions/departments. That additional information is accessible by all of the concerned institutions/departments but editable by only the member.

Benefit to the Institutions :

• No need of high efficient webmaster for designing and maintaining web form, databases and its processing. Everything will be done by the professional of website.
• Easy access to members new mobile number, email ID, address etc. Whenever it will be updated by the user or by a concerned institution in the website, it will be available the all concerned institution.
• Easy way to prepare ID card, admit card, mark sheet, certificate etc. every document will contains a unique serial number which is searchable and verifiable in the website.
• Easy way to send group mail to a group of people (e.g. alumni, present/ ex students, present/ retired teachers etc.). No need to maintain a separate email id or address book.
And many more...

Benefit to the Members :

• Remain within the group of one's present and past institutes (and departments).
• Find One's Batchmates in one place.
• A member can contact any batchmate or any other member of an institute by email when he /she needs it.
• Easy to one's batchmates or any member to find and contact him /her without exposing the phone number of email IDs (for details see the FAQ)
• One can upload an unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers, and email IDs.
• When a member changes address, phone number, etc, he /she need not inform every concerned institute. He /she can update it in his /her personal profile which will be available to all concerned institutions. It will reduce the chances of miscommunications with the institution.
• If a member is unable to update the changes of contact details; a web admin of a concerned institute may add it to his /her profile which will also be accessible to the other concerned institutions.
And many more...

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# Online registration and Certificaton for an occasional event like Seminar, Webinar, Workshop etc.:


* Online form (view sample) for the registration of the candidate.
* Collect fees from the candidates online (through debit card, credit card or net banking).
* Prepare personalised photo badge (view sample) for the candidates.
* Get detailed list of the participating candidates (view sample).
* Provide a fully computerised certificate to the candidates (view sample).
* Allow validation of the the issued certificates online from the (view sample).

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