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Freelancer Data Entry Job

The is inviting application for Data Entry Freelancer to add institute name in the portal.

Nature of Work: The work is to enter institiute (MP/HS School, College, University) name in the portal. To do that take institute name (it may be your known or by searching in the internet). Check the portal whether it is already entered (Approved/Pending). If the institute name in not recorded in the portal, you may add it by filling up the institute entry form. After verification, it will be approved by the portal authority and then the Institute will be visible in the Portal under respective catagory. It is recommended to log in before adding an institute name. It will help to trace and to keep a record about the person and the institute he/she added.

When 100 or more students (present/past) enlist their names in the concerned institute; the person who added this institute will be paid.

Eligibility: Any one who can read and write english and have access to comuper or smart phone with an internet connection may apply for the job.

How to apply: To apply for the job, just a send a mail in the mail ID with your personal information like name, phone number, mail ID, age, education etc.

Application fees: There is no application fees.

Last date of Application: There is no last date of application, it is now open to all. But the authority will stop approving new application as soon as sufficient number of application has been approved. So if are willing to do the work apply immediately.

Approval of application: Based on the application, candidates will be allowed to do the job. It may take upto 48 hours. It you do not get any response from the authority, even after 48 hours, you may send another mail.

Salary: It's a freelancing job; so no fixed salary. You will be paid based on your work; i.e. you will determine your salary. For every institute name, you enter, you will get Rs 50; when the number of registered members (student, staff, teacher etc all togather) under the insttitute name in the portal will reach 100. Tou may add as many institute as you wish, so there is no upper limit of income.

N.B.: If a same institute is being added by many freelancer, only one recorded first with compleat and correct information will be approved. Other entrys will be treated as invalid and ultimately will be deleted without any explanation or intimation.

Method of Payment: When you became eligible to get payment (as mentioned above), claim for the same in the above mentioned email ID with your details. You will get your payment in your mobile wallet/ bank account within four working days.

Best Practice to get payment fast: 1. Login as an individual in the Academic portal( (New users should be registered first).
2. Go to the Institute list. Check the institutes already approved and pending approval.
3. Click on the button "Request to add an Institute"
4. In the following form provide the complete and correct information as far as possible so that it can be approved fast.
5. Wait till the Institute became approved in the portal. After approval you will get a link for the Institute profile. Share the link among students, teachers and staffs etc requesting them to enlist their name in the portal.

Future Prospects: A Freelancer, successfull to get ten or more payments for Institute name entry; may apply for the post of "Data Entry Representative". A Data Entry Reprentative will be provided with a dash board to get all details about his/her work done in the portal.

For any further quary Mail in or whatsapp in 8777286194 or start chat now in messanger from the chat window of right bottom corner of this screen.